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Buy and sell grape for export
Buy grapes for export from Iran

grape from iran
Export grapes in Iran have different names. Askari, Shahani, Yaghouti, Razegi, Lal, Khorusi, Gohar, Maragheh, Mosque, Mullah, Kuznaghi and Magali are examples of them. Buy grapes for export from Iran which is one of the most famous grapes found in Kashmar.
When buying, make sure there are not too many cracks in the seeds. Although these products are a sign of maturity and sweetness, but also where insects such as bees and flies are located, can cause diseases such as diarrhea and may not be palatable, so buy grapes for export from Iran.

grapes iran kasmar
grapes iran kasmar

Iran export grape and its tree

Eleven genera and over six hundred and twenty thousand varieties of grapes are exporte to Iran. All of this is due to the two wild species of the Near East and North America. Grapes are divided into two types of seed and seed. Both grapes and its products are common in the world, but buy grapes for export from Iran because it is a fruit with different flavors that makes most of the flavors happy. Some people develop high sensitivity, but most people like it. Grapes are associated with apples, pomegranates and dates in paradise. Grapes, raisins, grape juice, and all sorts of important herbs are all of which have many properties for the body.

sell grapes iran kasmar
grapes iran kasmar

Vitamins and minerals exported from Iran

Wash grapes before use because washing grapes and placing them in the fridge can damage the seeds, especially the crops. They are also washed and destroyed by washing grape seeds with natural preservatives. Buy grapes for export from Iran, fresh grapes are a good source of vitamin C and manganese. It contains vitamins A and B and minerals such as iron and potassium. The grape cleans the stomach and cleans it of harmful substances. Grape juice is useful for constipation, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids and reds.

Properties of Iranian Grape Export

The grape cleans the stomach and cleans it of harmful substances. Eating grapes can cause discomfort. Red antioxidant red grapes called quercetin and rosratol peel prevent clotting and accumulation of blood platelets and prevent clotting. Blood is in the body. If your stomach is cold and weak, avoid eating grape seeds because the weather is cold and difficult to digest. Like other fruits and vegetables, you should not overeat because it can cause obesity. Since grapes prevent blood clotting, it is best to avoid eating grapes more than two weeks before any surgery. Buy grapes for export from Iran, which is best found in Kashmar.

sell grapes iran kasmar
grapes iran kasmar

Grape export problems

Traditional and unscientific planting and utilization of grape orchards has reduced the productivity of orchards.
There are some pests in the grapes and orchards of the grape that make the crop less quality.
Water scarcity is another problem. Due to the scarcity of water heat also damages the quality of grapes.
Good grapes have characteristics such as seedlessness, coarseness, and one-sided clustering, transparency, and health-free pests, so it is best to buy grapes for export from Iran. Hamedan province has 5% of grape production and 3% of the country’s cultivated area.

Export of Iranian grapes to other countries

The export value of grapes (fresh and dried) from Iran last year fell 8 percent to more than $ 313 million. Iran also imported grapes last year, down 65 percent to more than $ 663 million. Iran exported fresh and dried grapes to more than 70 countries last year to more than 70 countries. Buy grapes for export from Iran, out of total exports of fresh grapes last year, just over $ 14 million for fresh grapes. And the rest was for export of dried grapes.
The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia were the largest export markets for Iranian grapes last year. Interesting points in exporting grapes over the past year include exporting more than $ 382,000 to Iran to the United States.

grapes iran kasmar

Iranian grapes for export

The growing of grapes in the Iranian vineyards goes back to thousands of years, and grapes have always been, and are one of the most popular fruits among Iranians. Many companies from all over the world buy grapes for export from Iran and distribute the goods on the global fruit markets.
Almost all of the Iranian grapes for export are top quality table grapes which purchased for fresh consumption only. Iranian grapes have such a high quality and amazing taste which made them popular in most markets and they are always in high demands. Iranian grapes also grown mostly organic in some of the best vineyards in the world.

Varieties of grapes in Iran

There more than 100 official grape cultivars grown in different states of Iran, but there are only a handful of them which are known worldwide. These famous cultivars are table grapes which are suitable for exports and account for most of the Iranian grapes for export.
There also many cultivars grown on small scales in different regions of the country and consumed by locals. Some of the most popular and well known Iranian apple cultivars are Asgari, Pikami, and Rish Baba. These apples mostly seedless and come in a variety of colors including green, yellow, and red. They are also sweet and some of them turned to high quality raisins.

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